Try to enroll in English speaking courses, if you really want to master this skill. If you do not have time to attend classroom training, then online training is the best option.
Seek Academy conducts the best Spoken English classes in Delhi NCR. Learning English is quite challenging and time-consuming; however, Seek Academy has made this learning experience a cakewalk for students.
There are certain tricks in an individual module which a candidate has to follow at the time of the exam.
Try to find out a partner with whom you can practice. You need to create an English speaking environment yourself.
It does not matter that English is your second language; your thoughts must be formed in English only if you want to hold any conversation in English.
We do the general discussions on the daily basis activities. We engage the learners in all the activities so that they can freely think about their topics.
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On the general training IELTS, test takers write a letter of 150 words and task 2 essays must be written in at least 250 words.The purpose of writing the letter i.e. to complain, request, information etc. provided in the prompts.